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  • The silent revolution of the Kurds in Syria

    Silent Revolution/ La revolta silenciosa– Previous Images from Nezvanova on Vimeo.

  • The Kurds are an Indo-European people living in the mountainous region of Kurdistan, in southwest Asia. Their population is made up of nearly 25 million people, spread between Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, and Syria, where two million Kurds live. The fragmentation, and subsequent weakening, of their culture between different states, has often gone hand in hand with the discrimination and persecution of Kurds. The documentary The silent revolution of the Kurds in Syria will focus on the Kurds’ daily life in the north of this country. Two years ago, as civil war broke out in Syria within the context of the ‘Arab springs’, the Kurds of Syria launched a historic process of cultural and political recognition to try and bring an end to 50 years of governmental oppression.

    However, the priorities of the media in covering the civil war have led to a certain marginalisation of this historic process. That is why we believe it is necessary to show this other Syria, the Syria that has strived for a peaceful outcome since the start of the unrest in March 2011. As journalists, we want to analyse this situation, drawing parallelisms with the Catalan history in the seventies —at the end of Franco’s dictatorship— but also with Catalonia’s more recent and ongoing push for independence from Spain. We want to film a documentary about 50 minutes long to show the Kurdish experience. It is not our aim to offer an academic and diplomatic analysis of the facts, but to present the daily life of those who are involved in this process. For this reason, we will follow five characters —avoiding direct interviews and observing the interactions between characters— to show their lives in the first months of this newfound freedom.

  • Conflicto sirio 2012 (2)
  • Recopilación del trabajo realizado para los periódicos ARA y GARA durante noviembre y diciembre de 2012 en Siria.

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